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Topics: Interview, Employment, Recruitment Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Guide to a successful job interview

To some candidates, job interview offers the chance to impress the hiring employers with their skills, abilities, and talents. However, to others, such an opportunity can turn into a complete nightmare if you are ill-prepared. Therefore, it is virtually essential to follow these steps if you wish to achieve success in job interview. First and foremost, you should collect information about the company as much as possible. Before the actual job interview, it is advisable to search information about your potential employers, the company, their products, services and their mission statement. As a result, when it comes to interviewing your previous research help you to show your employers that you know a number of things about the position you are applying for. Secondly, be prepared. Make sure that you have got the appropriate résumé for the job application. It is a good idea to bring some extra copies of your resume with you. Organize your CV and other certificates and diplomas in a portfolio to make it look more presentable as well as to create a very first impression on the interviewer that you are an organized person. After that, practice to improve your performance. It is strongly recommended to conduct a mock interview with your friends. Ask them to comment on your performance if there is any mistake then fix it. Having a rehearsal in front of a mirror is a appealing option. Moving to the fourth step which is dress smartly. This step seems to be simple and easy but still very important. “Dress smartly” does not mean that you put on the most expensive, fashionable outfit but dress to fit the working environment. In this case, wearing a professional suit in a dark color might work. Keep you hair neat and clean. It is not a good idea if you come to an interview colorful dyed hair. Remove any visible body piercings and cover obvious tattoos. Be aware of strong cologne or perfume. Use a little or none. More importantly,...
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