Miss Hurd Writing Prompt

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When Miss Hurd is first introduced in the story, she seems like a very strict teacher who merely cared about her class. Throughout the story you watch her evolve into a teacher who truly cares about the success of her students. She becomes a mentor for Nick and helps him accomplish his goals. She challenges her students to work hard in order to succeed.

In 1949, Nick and his sisters left Greece and came to the United States hoping for a better life. When he entered his new school he was intimidated. He was not sure how he would fit in at first. He was unsure about how Miss Hurd’s first assignment for him. She challenged him to write it because she saw that he had great potential as a writer.

She was always encouraging him. Miss Hurd continuously told him that he was a good writer and needed to pursue his talent in his life. Because of Miss Hurd, Nick worked hard to pay his way through four years at Boston University and then graduate school. He consistently worked hard to become a good writer.

Miss Hurd, who eventually became Mrs. Rabidou, played a big role in Nick’s life. She influenced him to be the person he turned out to be. Without her, he would probably not have discovered his talent as a writer and received all of the awards he did. Even after his years in high school, Mrs. Rabidou was involved in his life. She was invited to every family event. Mrs. Rabidou’s admiration for Nick can be seen when she told him to write her eulogy.
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