Miss Havisham, Great Expectations

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Development of Miss Havisham
In the novel, Great Expectations, many characters heavily influenced the plot. The author, Charles Dickens, cleverly used indirect characterization to help the reader infer how a character was going to be. By far, the most unusual character in the character in the story was Miss Havisham. She was also the most memorable character. It was her part in the story that led Pip into making most of the decisions that he did. Miss Havisham was indeed one of the most important characters in Great Expectations.

Dickens created a character that was so surreal that it was hard to make any connections with her. Just the fact that she has not left her house for about twenty-five years and stopped all the clocks at twenty minutes to nine makes her a unique person. Basically, a man with the name Compeyson ruined her life. It was more that her love life was ruined but she felt as if it was her whole life. The day that he stood her up haunted her thoughts, causing her to become depressed and angry. These emotions made her want revenge. She adopted Estella, hoping she would be able to have revenge on all men. She encouraged Estella not to love or to treat men with kindness. ‘Break their hearts, my pride and hope, break their hearts and have no mercy’ (Dickens, 92). It was words like this that caused Estella to be so cruel. Dickens did not explain all of this in the story; most of it was inferred. Dickens also explained past events as the plot went on. For example, Pip did not realize that Estella was adopted until later on in the story. This is what kept Great Expectations interesting.

Pip always thought that Miss Havisham was his benefactor for his wealth. It was not his fault for thinking so because she led him to thinking it. By her pushing him and Estella together it created the illusion that him and Estella were meant to be together. Dickens was able to have Pip think this way because Miss Havisham always made Estella look so perfect. She...
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