Miss Evers

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  • Published : June 23, 2011
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This film is closely based on the true events of the shameful Tuskegee project, for which the few survivors received a formal apology from President Clinton in 1997. Heat-haze and sultry music evoke the sensuality of the poverty-stricken, deep south. In the film Ms. Evers' Boys, a group of doctors withholds penicillin from a group of black men who are suffering from syphilis. The movie itself depicted a true, historical (and quite controversial) study known as the Tuskegee Experiment, which took place in the times after the Civil Rights Movement. The doctors taking part in this research were trying to prove that the effects of syphilis were as severe in blacks as they were in whites in order to get more money for medication. They also wanted the world to see that colored doctors were just as smart as the white doctors. Within the motives of the study, many queries arise. One of the biggest questions being, is it really morally sound to take part in human testing and experimentation? The aged, black nurse, Eunice Evers (Alfre Woodward), testifies before the 1973 Senate hearings into the Tuskegee study. Through a series of lengthy flashbacks, her testimony evokes the 1932 origin and four-decade course of a research experiment to study but not treat syphilis in the black men of Macon County, Alabama. The federally funded project began with the intent to treat the men, but when funds dried up, the project coordinators decided simply to document the course of the disease to discover if blacks responded to syphilis as did whites. The nurse was deeply attached to the patients and they, to her; a Dixie band named itself "Miss Evers' Boys." Evers and her doctor supervisor (Joe Morton) hoped that treatment would be restored after a few months, but ten years pass. With the advent of penicillin in 1942, her intelligent lover Caleb (Laurence Fishburne) rebelled, took penicillin, and enlisted in the army; the project, however, continues. Evers is disbelieving when she...
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