Miss Butler

Topics: Blood, Red blood cell, Burn Pages: 4 (1750 words) Published: April 19, 2013
First aid MPII OO2

3.1. Describe how to manage an infant and a child with foreign bodies in their eyes, ears and nose. I would take the child in doors and keep the eyes, nose, and ears still to prevent further injuries. Wash out small particles out. Pad and bandage if large or not removable I would not try to remove any embedded objects. I would then seek medical help 999 inform my line manager and record everything in the accident stating the name, date, time, and everyone involved. In case it is needed for evidence. 3.2. Describe how to recognise and manage common eye injuries. The common eye injuries are chemical burns, foreign bodies, and wounds. The eye would be very red and inflamed it would be very pain full. And it would weep. If it’s a foreign body you would may be able to see this and with wounds you may able to see bleeding or cut marks. I would wash out the eyes sight away with clean cool water. Making sure I’m wherein my gloves to keep out any infections. I would then pad the eye up and record all this in the accident book. Inform my line manager. Then seek medical help by phoning 999 and calling their parents. 4.1. Describe how to recognise and manage chronic medical conditions including: • sickle cell anaemia is a blood disorder that red blood cells become distorted and can block vessels in the body . The signs and symptoms are lack of energy and being breathless also they would look yellow in colour due to jaundice and they would be in severe pain. Straight away I would consult a doctor and my line manager I would recode these symptoms and everything else in my accident book. I would also inform the parents. • Diabetes is when the body fails to regulate blood sugar levels. There are two types. Type 1 is insulin dependent body stops producing insulin. Type 2 is having little or ineffective insulin. Child would feel dizziness tired un well seem to be drowsiness or go in to shock . I would fist bring the child in to the fist...
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