Miss Brill by Catherine Mansfield Summary

Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Miss Brill
Miss Brill is a story about Miss Brill, a middle-aged English teacher living by the Public Gardens in a French town. As the story begins, she decides to wear a fur during her usual walking in the park, on a Sunday afternoon. The fur is very special to her and she thinks of it as a living creature. She hasn’t worn it for a long time and now feels happy, feeling her “dear little thing” on her body. When she arrives at the park, she notices that there’re more people than last Sunday and the band plays louder and gayer as the season has begun. She sits on the bench next to the old couple and feels disappointed, as they are not talking. Miss Brill enjoys eavesdropping on the strangers and learning about their life. She watches the people in the park, most of which are the same all the Sundays. She also sees various people-young couples, girls, women, children, old ones and thinks it is like a play-all of them have their roles and they are performing on Sundays. Then she begins daydreaming about how she reads a newspaper four times a week to the old man who always sleeps during this reading. She thinks that he wouldn’t sleep if he realizes she is an actress. She continues thinking about her idea of play and visions everybody singing together, It makes her excited and she cries. Miss Brill’s exciting Sunday afternoon is ruined by a young couple, coming and sitting next to her, making rude remarks of her being a “stupid old thing” and about her fur. She is touched hurtfully by this and returns home. On her way home, she would usually buy a cake at the bakery but now she doesn’t. She enters her little dark room, puts the fur without looking at it in the box and thinks she hears something crying.
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