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  • Published: July 6, 2013
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Starbucks HRM Policy
Starbucks is one of the most well-known coffee retail stores in the world which was established in Seattle in 1971 and then grew slowly but expended rapidly between 1980s and 1990s. Since then, Starbucks found its way into everyone's family such as China and India. Until today, this company has more than 15,000 retail stores which spread in almost 50 countries and become a leader in retiling and roasting of coffee. The reason why Starbucks take its place in the front ranks of the world is the positive human resource policy. The company realized early on that motivated and committed workforce was a key to retail business. (Scribed 2010) As a result, they spend loads of money on HRM which include recruiting process, training and learning process and also reward system. The aim of this action is to motivate and retain staffs who have fully experiences, which could make maximum profit of company and minimize employee turnover. In this article, This essay will analyze recruitment and selection, learning and training section and reward system ,which use the talent management strategy, mixed method (both formal and informal method), Expectancy Theory separately. Also, I will make comparisons with Costa coffee in order to illustrate three parts from this article.

Recruitment& Selection
Starbucks found out early on that motivated and committed staff plays a dominated role in retail industry. As a result, the company attaches more importance to recruitment session. The strategy which Starbucks used is talent management theory, which ensures the firm to achieve competitive advantages by employing more capable than its rivals. (Astmstrong, 2006). This strategy fits with the company recruitment motto: β€œto let the most suitable people hiring right people in right position.” In this part, I have used talent management theory to analyze recruitment policy of Starbucks and also made comparable with Costa within the same session. The...
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