Topics: 35 mm film, Camera, Scrapbooking Pages: 4 (1067 words) Published: May 17, 2013
I. Introduction

A.Many of our scrapbooks are all in traditional scrapbook or hardback books with our photography are nicely placed. B.Now with all the technology advances and gadgets; we are able to make digital scrapbooks. C.Now we have the capability of traditional scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking at our finger tips. D.Thesis

a.First, the advantages and disadvantages of traditional scrapbooking. Next the advantages and disadvantages of digital scrapbooking. Then using both traditional and digital scrapbooking to your advantage. Finally using digital scrapbooking and traditional scrapbooking as one. II. Body

A. Advantages of traditional scrapbooking.
1.Having a book of memories at hand to flip through.
2.Making it a family project or family tradition or bonding. B. Disadvantages of traditional scrapbooking.
1.Aging of material use to make the scrapbook.
2.Not having material for the scrapbook.
3.Developing pictures not as common as it was.
C. Advantages to digital scrapbooking.
1.Advancing technology
2.All pictures are saved in one location.
3.There are many photos editing software.
D. Disadvantage to digital scrapbooking.
1.Having a computer or technology problems that erases all of the photos and editing already done. 2.Not being about to have a scrapbook to carry around with you since it’s all on the computer. Since everything is on the computer; it takes a few moments for the computer to load. E.Combing the traditional scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking as one memorable book. 1.Taking pictures with a digital camera.

2.Using your computer to crop, decorate and print pictures 3.Have a copy on the computer, thumb drive and also a scrapbook that goes in your bookshelf. III. Conclusion

A.There are advantages and disadvantages of scrapbooking the...
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