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  • Published: May 9, 2013
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Compare and contrast the rise to power of both Hitler and Mussolini

Following the end of World War One, Europe endured a number of political changes which would serve to impact the history of the world. Within Italian politics, the world saw a shift from a liberal government, to a Fascist dictatorship run by Benito Mussolini, while Germany jumped from a democratic government, to the infamous Nazi dictatorship ruled by Adolf Hitler. Both rulers were fascist dictators who shared similar ideologies, aims and ruling strategies. This essay seeks to examine the conditions which allowed the Italian Fascist Party and the German National Socialist party to emerge and grow, and will compare and contrast the methods and manipulations used by the two leaders and their parties during their rise to power. In both Italy and Germany, World War One played a pivotal role in producing the conditions under which extremism could flourish. Within Italy, one of the biggest post war problems that the government faced was the impact that the war had upon the economy. During the war, Italy made great strides in developing its production levels for wartime necessities. The government established large budget schemes, and began borrowing money from countries such as Britain in order to pay for the production of weapons and machinery. The economy saw subsequent rapid growth and increased concentration on industries that were linked with war production, such as engineering and ship building, while local businesses contributed to the war effort by receiving cheap loans in order to re-equip factories and mass produce vehicles. As a consequence, many companies became too dependent on wartime demands for making them profits, and when the demand for wartime munitions ceased, many businesses found themselves without a market or consumers. 1

In addition to foreign loans, the

government also used printing money as a means of financing the war. This had a catastrophic effect on the Italian...
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