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Student: afiya mudadaTutor Group: 11ah

Teacher: Mr HeayberdIntegrated: N

Unit Name (s): People in OrganisationUnit No.: 4

Assignment Number: 4.3

Assignment Title: Preparing for employment and plan career development Hand out date: ……………………………

First hand in deadline: ………………………. Final hand in date: ……………….

Learning Outcomes:

Grading Criteria Covered: P4, P5, P6.

Assessor Feedback:

Student Comment:

|R | |P | |
| | |P4 | |
| | |P5 | |
| | |P6 | |

Referral Hand in Date: ………………………………………………

Teacher signature:______________________Date: _______________

To complete this part of Unit 4, you will need to provide evidence that you:

← Be able to prepare for employment and plan career development.

Evidence may come from your investigation into a number of businesses and other organisations locally and nationally.

Activity 1
P5 - Match current knowledge and skills to possible job opportunities using appropriate sources of information and advice. 1. Using the Skills Audit sheet provided complete a current skills audit for yourself.

2. Use recruitment websites (monster.co.uk, epost.co.uk or jobserve.co.uk identified in task 2) to find two jobs you think you would be able to do with your current skills and knowledge. One of them may be the Morgan McKinley job. For both jobs write a paragraph explaining why you think you are suitable for the position.

3. Research the varied sources of information that you can use to identify job vacancies. Use this information and produce a wall chart or mind map to describe them.

Activity 2
P4: Complete an application form and interview for a selected job opportunity. Choose one of these jobs to apply for:

a) If there is an application form complete one – or – complete a CV. b) Write a letter of application to go with your application form or CV c) Write a list of at least 10 questions that you would ask if you were interviewing someone for that job – insert into question grid. d) Produce a checklist of ‘do’s and don’ts’ when preparing for interview e) Complete the interview write up on how well you did and how well the interviewer did.

Activity 3
P6: Produce a personal career development plan.
a) From the Kudos careers search completed in class, choose one career/ job. Create a spidergram to present the information describing the skills, qualifications and personal attributes you will need for that job. b) Personal Career Plan – Produce a plan, including time deadlines showing how to get from where you are now to where you need to get to (in order to get that job). You may use a completed ‘ My career plan’ section from Kudos as evidence of the timeline or use the separate template provided.

| Grading Criteria |Achieved |Feedback | |To achieve a PASS grade the evidence must show that you are able to: | | | | | | | |P5 | | | |Match current knowledge and skills to possible job opportunities using | | | |appropriate sources of information and advice. | | | |...
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