Topics: Sociology, Scientific method, Sampling Pages: 3 (1146 words) Published: April 18, 2013
b.As an A Level Sociology student you have been asked to design a research project to collect qualitative data on experiences of crime amongst a sample of young people in your area

My aim is to gain qualitative data on experiences of crime amongst a sample of young people in my area. The type of crime I will be looking at amongst young people is underage drinking. This will help to operationalize the concept because everyone may not understand what is seen as ‘crime’. So therefore my aim is to find out if there is a large number of young people who drink underage and if so how often do they drink. This will be primary data meaning that it is the most reliable and unbiased form of data as I am able to gain a first-hand experience of the research. To gain this qualitative data I will use unstructured interviews. I will use this method to obtain my data because it provides an in-depth insight into the participant’s thoughts and feelings about the chosen topic. This method is also very flexible as the interviewer can ask the participant to elaborate on their answer so that they can gain a more detail answer. Because these interviews are natural and unrestricted because they are conversation-like the participant feels more relaxed and therefore provides the interviewer with more information revealing more about themselves. A reason why qualitative data is best suited to this topic is because it enhances understanding to the researcher of the complexity of the issue being asked about. It also provides rich, in-depth, holistic data allowing the participants to speak in their own words without restrictions. I am going to use the Interpretivists view because they would prefer this type of data. This is because they favour qualitative data as they conduct research looking at the deeper meaning and context of the subject. The look at how people interact in society, their beliefs and feelings, how they think, what they feel and what they understand about the world....
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