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“My Poster”

Module: | CMT1300 Discovering Interaction Design|
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Supervisor: | AmmarZayouna|

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Researcher:| NiushaGolafshaniDoyom|
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27thApril 2012



One of the existing problems for tourists, visitors and business travellers, who are travelling to another country for a limited time is that they want to visit most popular and beautiful places in the city. But they are new in this country and they might be confused and not enjoy their time as much as they want. This issue is related to people who visit London city for the first time and are not familiar with places and events taking place in this city. I came up with an idea to design an interactive poster for people who are seeking information about London.This paper is going to discuss the scenario and purpose of this system, user requirements, design principles, creation of prototypes and implementation plan.I designed this system for a reason so the new interactive poster is useful for the user. I thought this information should be categorized and it should be easy and specific when it comes to information. Plus give as much as information as users might need.The technology behind the interactive poster is disarmingly simple.

Table of contents | Page|
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Abstract | 2|
Table of contents| 3|
Introduction | 5|
Core Concept| 7|
User Requirements| 9|
Design Principles| 12|
Creation of prototypes| 14|
Implementation plan| 16|
Conclusion| 19|
Annotated bibliography| 22|
Appendices| 24|
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Picture 1.1_ Gantt Chart| 17|
Picture 2.1_ Persona.| 24|
Picture 2.2 _ Persona| 25|
Picture 2.3- Low fidelity paper prototype| 26|
Picture 2.4_ High fidelity paper prototype.| 27|
Picture 2.5_ Gantt Chart.| 28|
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What is interactive poster?
The definition of an interactive poster is stated within its name and everything involved with the word ‘interactive’. An interactive poster is capable of acting on or influencing a user to immerse themselves into an advert like no paper or magazine equivalent can provide. It is about giving the viewer the ease of access to understand and provide the ability for them to delve deeper into something they find interesting without the use of finding an alternative method. The benefits of an interactive poster:

* Ability to view an advert or get an information criterion from wherever they are at that current moment in time. * Gives the user freedom not to have to respond to get more information. * Advertising in a non-pressured environment.

* Can contain video and moving images to encourage potentialinterest. * Can be used to track potential interest with the use of tracking facilities. * Can direct viewer to a particular info by the use of action buttons. * Ability to drive traffic to your website, promotion or company without the user seeking alternative methods. * Provides greater advertisement &sponsorship opportunities.

Core Concept

The main propose of designing this system was to give information to people as much as they need and help them enjoy their time while staying in London. But before designing this system I had some interviews with some of my friends and I came up with two of the scenarios I created based on interviews I had, with people I thought they could be a user of this system. After interviews I had with them I analysed and organized their goals and needs, data and derive behaviour patterns, which are common for relatively large number of users. These users I talked about might be just a normal visitor, business travellers or any kind of person searching for information when they reach London or...
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