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Apprenticeship in Business and Administration

Unit 202
Improve own performance in a business environment

Credit value: 2

The purpose and benefits are for self satisfaction and motivation, to impress your line/regional managers, for possibilities of a bonus/promotion, to improve your knowledge of certain areas which may help in the particular job role you are in and also in future jobs, to help achieve personal and mandatory goals, to help improve and maintain high and professional standards, to help secure the job you are in and to prove to people you are worthy and capable of taking on more responsibility, improving your performance may also help you to become more organized and efficient.| 1.1Explain the purpose and benefits of continuously improving performance at work.

1.2Explain the purpose and benefits of encouraging and accepting feedback from others. The purpose and benefits are to understand from a different point of view than your own; how you work, what you do well and what you could improve, it can help you to learn in new ways and progress within your job, it can make others feel comfortable around you and makes the atmosphere more relaxed and comfortable, it can make you feel more confident in your work when you know something is correct, it can also help you learn from your mistakes.|

1.3Explain how learning and development can...
…improve own work:| Learning and development is improving your skills and knowledge and this can benefit your work as you will understand the process more. It helps you to understand your work/ your job role more. By finding different ways of doing processes and by asking other people it gives you a greater understanding of the company you work for and certain key roles in your job. It makes your role more varied, which can make your job role less boring and boosts your confidence and can also help you to become a key member of the team as your learning more and can take on more responsibility....
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