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Explore the spoken language of the KISS FM DJs
KISS FM’S breakfast show is a broadcast programming of a radio format  that is organized for commercial and public broadcasting radio stations. KISS FM’S targeting audience is mainly targeted to most ages between 16-38 as well as families listening in the car on the way to school or work. This is noticeable in their choice of presenters- Melvin O’Doom who also have recently presented MTV Digs on MTV One, Charlie Hedges who is a high profile celebrity DJ and Rickie Haywood Williams who is currently presenting the UKHot40 Big Beats Chart on Kiss TV & Box TV. Melvin O’Doom and Rickie Haywood Williams are both from London, where they speak fluently posh English which is where KISS FM is aired, so people can relate to them. Their accent is of someone from South London, which they don’t use Standard English as much but their sociolect also fact points this. They use words like “What have you been up to?” or “I’m just saying!” is something which lots of Londoners will be familiar to hearing. Charlie is from Essex, which is just on the outskirts of London and is thought of as being wealthy. Interestingly Charlie Hedges chosen of words is nowhere closer to Standard English but uses slang such as “wanna” instead of “want to” or “flip” instead of “change”. Personally, my response to hearing these presenters is that they speak genuinely. As a Londoner, I am aware with the sociolect of Charlie Hedges as well as the more formal language of Rickie Haywood Williams. My own spoken language is somewhere between the two with me using a sociolect similar to Charlie Hedges in social situations with my friends but more like of Rickie Haywood Williams if I was speaking to my parents or a teachers. The focus of the interview was mainly at Leona Lewis’s new album which she came in to talk about it and promoting it, while everyone is out of bed getting ready to go school or work. Since it’s the morning everyone can enjoy a bit of music...
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