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Holly roman empire
When the last holly roman empieror francis 2nd abdicated, following a military defeat by the French under napoleon, he reorganised much of the empire into the confederation of the rhine a French satelite which was replaced by a new union, the german confederation in 1815

Bismarks fall from power
Anti socialist legislation in 1978 has sometimes been seen as the most important representitive law in bismarks chancelorship. In 1878 2 attempts were made on Kaiser Wilhelm 1 and the social democratic party was blamed. Bismark immediately announced new ellections which helped orchestrate an anti-socialist campaign. The newely elected house was more conservitiv Kulturekampf which means culture struggle.

Proclomation of german empire
1987france defeated after franco-Prussian war chancerlor bismark proclaimed the german empirein the hall of mirrirs. This was germanys revenge for the embarrisment given by louis 16 and napoleon. Frankfort parliament

A national assembly was gathered to end theu uprisings, it was going to unify germany, however it never whent into efect. 1848 revolutions
Protests showing how they wanted political freedom and human rights which they received it was defeated by the aristocracy and many liberals whent into exile. Vormarz
Time period of restoration leading from the congress of Vienna to the failed 1848 revolution. Carlsbad decrees
A set of restrictions introduced into the states og the german confederation in 1918. They banned nationalist fraternities, removed liberal university proffessers and expanded the censorship of the press. Congress of Vienna

This was a confrence of ambassadors of European states held in Vienna from sep 1814 to june 1815 its objective was to settle problems brought up by the Napoleonic wars nand the colaps of the hrm it sorted out Europe including states of the rhine, it became the first concert of Europe. Battle of Leipzig

This was a battle with Russia, prussia, Austria and Sweden...
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