Topics: Language education, Communicative language teaching, Teaching English as a foreign language Pages: 76 (21798 words) Published: March 4, 2013
English Language Teaching Approaches and Methods EDUC 3324 - 1st Semester 2012 Contact information Office Hours: SNTW 11 - 14 Office Location: Administration Building, 4th floor, Room B562 Email: nmasri@iugaza.edu.ps Tel: Direct: 2827 688 - 286 0700 Ext 1094 Homepage: http://site.iugaza.edu.ps/nmasri Feel free to contact me by email or phone if you have any questions: Course Description This course is an introduction to English Language Teaching methods. It develops the students’ pedagogical knowledge and the basic skills needed to teach English efficiently. The course is divided into 3 main areas: 1. Basic teaching and learning beliefs and terminology in relation to the Palestinian context 2. Critical survey of the main ELT Methods 3. A variety of teaching techniques related to teaching the four language skills and the four language components. Aims 1. To increase students’ awareness of basic concepts and principles related learning and teaching English in Palestine. 2. To provide students with a brief, critical survey of the main ELT approaches. 3. To expose students to different English language teaching techniques appropriate to the Palestinian context and English for Palestine. 4. To develop participants' skills in critically reflecting on their own, and others', language education experiences, in the light of relevant research, theory and current areas of debate in the methodology of teaching languages. Intended learning outcomes On completion of this course, successful participants will be able to demonstrate :       

a clear understanding of basic ELT terminology. an understanding of the basic theoretical background behind teaching and learning languages. a critical understanding of basic practical approaches and techniques involved in teaching EFL. the ability and skill to plan and deliver a lesson to a class of EFL students. the ability to use different ways of teaching language skills, grammar, vocabulary, etc. the ability to cope with challenging learning and teaching Palestinian situations. the ability to reflect critically on learning experiences on the course and relate them to educational contexts they are familiar with

Dr Nazmi Al-Masri nmasri@iugaza.edu.ps

ELT Approaches & Methods 2012 English Dept - IUG


Content (topics) Unit (1) Introduction to ELT: Basic beliefs & concepts Unit (2) Main ELT methods and approaches 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Week 1-3 week 4 – 6

Grammar Translation Method Direct Method Audio-lingual approach Cognitive Code Approach Humanistic Approaches (CLL, Silent Way, Suggestopedia and TPR) The Communicative Approach week 7 - 15

Teaching Techniques Unit (3) How to teach listening Unit (4) How to teach speaking Unit (5) How to teach reading Unit (6) How to teach writing Unit (7) How to prepare lesson plans

Textbook  Introduction to EFL Methods: Handouts prepared and compiled by Dr Nazmi Al-Masri all the material units will be available on my homepage: http://site.iugaza.edu.ps/nmasri Teaching Methodology    

Active participation in class Whole class discussion Pair and group work Giving presentations

Tentative Assessment Type 2 surprise quizzes 2 written assignments & presentations Final Exam Total 100 % 10% 40% 50% 100 %

Assignment 1 An analysis and evaluation of a book of choice, focusing on its approach to the teaching of the four language skills. Length required: 1000 words Assignment 2 Preparing a plan for a 45 minute lesson, focusing on the teaching of a specific language skill taken from English for Palestine for ant group of Palestinian learners from Grade 1-12. The lesson plan should be accompanied by a rationale drawing on concepts and principles explored during the course unit. Length required:1000 words

Dr Nazmi Al-Masri nmasri@iugaza.edu.ps

ELT Approaches & Methods 2012 English Dept - IUG


Useful references       Peter Watkins (2005) Learning to Teach English: A Practical Introduction for New Teachers. Delta Cross,...
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