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What is inclusive practise?
What is inclusion? Inclusion is the progress by which early years setting develop their ethos minorities, policies and practise to include all learns with the aim of meeting their individual needs. Children and families can be excluded for wide range of reasons. Inclusion is not just about children who have special education needs instead it is about finding ways to help all children in ways that they can be understood. Why children might be excluded?

Age: Children can exclude for their age in an early years setting by other children because they are younger form the rest of the children in their early years setting. They can be excluded because of their age and the other children may exclude the child from certain areas of playing activities. Gender: Children can be excluded in an early years setting because of their gender. For example if a girl tends to play with the boys most of her time in the early years setting the staff may stop the girl form playing with the boys because the staff may think that the child spends far too much time playing with the boys instead of her playing with their own gender the girls. This can make the child seem like there is something wrong with them playing with boys and that it is a bad thing playing with the boys. The girl may find playing with the boys to be more interesting because they play certain games better than the girls. Language: A child can be excluded in an early years setting because of their language. The child may find the language English difficult because they have come from a foreign country and the other children from the early years setting might make fun of them because they are not speaking the same as everyone else. What will make it difficult for children is, not speaking the same language as everyone is becomes very difficult for the child to interact with other children because. They are afraid that with every thin regarding if they may get it right they just lose...
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