Topics: Sociology, Feminism, Radical feminism Pages: 4 (1327 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Psychology and Sociology in Health Care DR3T 34
In this essay I will be looking at two theories Feminist which include three braches which are Marxist feminists, Liberal feminists and Radical feminists and Functionalist. I define each theory and will explain the concepts of these theories which then I will relate the theories to a health condition and used their theories to understand the illness. The Feminist theory is a theory which attempts to explain gender inequalities and express agendas for defeating those inequalities. The theory analyses the status of women and men in society and questions the difference between men and women including race, class, age, gender and ethnicity (Giddens, A, 2009). The feminist theory consists of three branches which are Radical feminists, Liberal feminists and Marxist feminist. Radical feminist theory which believes that gender inequalities is the result of male domination in all aspects of life through social and economical. Radical feminists views patriarchy as dividing rights, privileges and power mainly by gender society which has resulted the oppression of women and privileging men (Giddens, A, 2009). Radical feminist believe that women are oppressed in all societies and is very difficult to eliminate. They believe that women are oppressed through violence, pregnancy and childbirth (History Learning Site, 2012). Liberal feminists is another form of the feminist theory that believes that gender inequalities were formed by reduced downgraded for women to civil rights and particular social resources such as education and employment. Liberal feminists are an distinctive form of feminism which mainly focuses in women’s ability to show and maintain their equality thorough their own choices and actions (Giddens, A, 2009). Liberal feminists study society and the gender roles which women and men are socialised into which has shown that the gender roles are to the advantage of men (History Learning Site, 2012). Marxist...
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