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Unit 208 Understand Health and Safety in Social Care Settings

Outcome 1 Understand the different responsibilities relating to health and safety

1.1 Some health and safety legislations are:
1 Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 1 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
2 Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 3 Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992

1.2 All health and safety policies and procedures should include any significant risks that can occur, ways to report a hazards, ways to report health problems, who are first aiders, where to access personal protective equipment, fire and emergency procedures and methods for reporting anything else that is relevant.

1.3 The main health and safety responsibilities of social care workers are to: 1. Take care of their own health and well-being and of others around them. 2. Follow the company’s policies and procedures regarding health and safety 3. Use equipment safely to prevent injury to anyone involved 4. Check that any equipment has been PAT tested and is up to date before use 5. Attend health and safety training

6. Report any injury or accident to management

The main health and safety responsibilities of the employer/managers are to 1. Provide employees with information and training relevant to health and safety 2. Provide first aid training for supervisors

3. Provide personal protective equipment
4. Maintain the safety of the work place and ensure that access to and from the building is in a safe condition. 5. If 5 or more people are employed employers must provide a written statement about health and safety in the workplace 6. Provide safe equipment and instructions

7. Make assessments of workplace activities
8. Make arrangements to ensure that substances (cleaning products, medications ect) can be used, handled, stored and transported safely

The main health and safety responsibility of the individual is to: 1. Comply with the health and safety instructions and procedures 2. Take care of their own health and safety and of those around them.

1.4 Some tasks relating to health and safety that require special training are providing an individual with medication, using first aid equipment, assisting and moving individuals, food handling, using cooking equipment, emergency procedures and the use of manual handling equipment.

1.5 You may access support and information relating to health and safety from a number of different sources. Some include your workplace which will have the company’s policies and procedures. You may speak to doctors, nurses, first aiders and health and safety representatives. The internet and library will also have information and advice regarding health and safety.

Outcome 2 Understand the use of risk assessments in relation to health and safety

2.1 A hazard us something that has the potential to cause harm, ill health, injury, death or damage to property. A risk is the likelihood of injury, damage, or harm happening, taking into account any measures that were put in place to prevent damage.

2.2 The main steps on how to use a risk assessment are:
1. Identify what the hazards are
2. Establish who may be harmed and how
3. Evaluate the risks and decide on what precautions to take 4. Record findings and implement them
5. Update the original risk assessment if there was one and if not create the risk assessment. For example, a resident may keep falling out of bed and is harming themselves; they will need a new risk assessment. This may result in having bars around the bed and/or having the bed next to the wall with a crash matt placed on the other side.

2.3 If you have identified a potential health and safety risk, you should report it immediately to your supervisor or manager. If you believe that the risk to be life threatening or dangerous you must ring the alarm. If there is...
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