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Understanding how to establish an effective team

● Explain the benefits of effective working relationships in developing and maintaining the team

Team is a group of people working for the same goals. Effective team members complement each other. They maintain a close working relationship, share their knowledge, goals and usually make decisions together. Effective working relationships have a lot of benefits in developing and maintaining the team. Some of them are: good quality of work (when there is a good relationship between subordinates and everyone knows their duties, the quality of work is better), efficiency (subordinates who maintain good relationship are more effective. Results of their work are better), productivity (productivity is higher when subordinates maintain effective working relationships and work together), harmony (effective working relationship leads to harmony. When subordinates have a good relationships their do not conflict so much, trying to solve the problems together), mutual support (effective team members support and help each other), efforts (each subordinates' efforts are visible and measurable in effective working relationship), protection (person who works in an effective team feels protected and recognised).

● Describe behaviours which could develop and maintain trust at work

Trust is a key of effective team at work. Behaviour which could develop and maintain trust at work is honesty (If you are honest with yourself and your subordinates they will be honest with you. We can not trust person who is not honest with us.), respect (Respect and you will be respected), good communication (Communication develop trust between subordinates. If subordinates communicate with each other they feels safe), integrity, responsibility (If you are responsible your subordinates and your boss will trust you and they will know that you can do your job well), support (If you will support other subordinates they will be pleased and grateful...
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