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When you finish this appendix, you should:

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Understand the process of preparing a personal marketing plan. Know how to identify personal payoffs and values, establish priorities, and construct a personal mission statement. Know how to develop and write specific career goals. Know how to prepare a personal and industry situation (SWOT) analysis. Know how to identify and evaluate alternative career strategies. Know how to prepare an action plan.

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Marketing “YOU INC.”— Preparing a Personal Marketing Plan* *This material was prepared by Deborah Lawton of The University College of the Cariboo for Basic Marketing, Ninth Canadian Edition.

Marketing “YOU INC.”—Preparing a Personal Marketing Plan


“Can people find satisfaction and happiness in a job?”

This is one of the big questions both young and not so young job seekers ask. Sal Divita, in an article in Marketing News, answers: “Absolutely. Both are achieved when the individual’s personality profile is consistent with the demands of the job”.1 Determining consistency in job fit is not a task taken lightly and can lead to unanticipated conclusions. Take this statement from a student who recently prepared a Personal Marketing Plan as a course requirement for an Introductory Marketing class. This paper turned out a lot different than I had originally thought that it would have. I started out with the idea of starting life with a comfortable salary to feed my family in Canada, and after I had evaluated all of the above, I then realized that many opportunities awaited me in Australia also. I wanted to finish my Bachelors Degree here in Kamloops . . ., and then perhaps get a job with a public relations firm. By writing this paper, it has made me re-evaluate my life, and the choices I will be facing in the very immediate future.2 All marketing has the single purpose of helping companies and individuals address and manage change. Companies plan their marketing strategies but, unfortunately, many individuals have no plan at all. Yet nothing is more important than a plan for managing the inevitable changes that life brings. A Personal Marketing Plan is vital if we are to harness and manage change. This textbook teaches the fundamentals of marketing: how to market goods and services and develop an effective marketing plan for a business organization. Many of the tools and techniques presented in the text have been proven to improve business profits, efficiency, and effectiveness. These principles can be adapted to market the most important product in your life: You. They are equally effective for an individual embarking on a career or a person in mid-life dealing with any inevitable job change. In a complex world of changing technology, uncertain economic conditions, increasing competition, and information overload, change is constant. Employees no longer have the luxury of counting on the “golden handshake” after a lifetime of dedication to one company. Today, the average worker can expect to change careers at least three times. Most will work for more than six companies throughout their career. This is the first time I have ever had to seriously delve into the uncharted waters of myself, and actually try and figure out what motivates me and what is important as well. . . . I preferred to swim happily along, oblivious to such information. I have (now) discovered . . . a great deal about my wants, needs, values and behaviour . . . Needless to say that in addition to completing a requirement of this course, I have also learned a lot about myself.3

Why a personal marketing plan?

Understanding the personal marketing planning process

The most important investment you can make in yourself
Think of yourself as a business: “YOU INC.” To achieve career success, you must market yourself by offering your unique selling proposition and competitive advantage to the right target employer, at the right income or price, with the right...
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