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  • Published: February 17, 2013
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Kartika Krishtindyah (Krish) is a 55-year-old Indonesian Intermediate Learner at The British Institute (TBI) who has studied English as a second language sporadically over the last 20 years. Krish started learning English when seeking employment as an Early Childhood Carer at an International School. Krish ceased work 7 years ago and is seeking to refresh her English skills in order to return to the workforce.

Krish has attended a variety of English courses over the last 17 years, including those at English Language Training International, TBI and a local university. Krish attended classes daily for a minimum of 4 weeks, with each consisting of a maximum 20 students. The content covered in class focused on understanding and using language in everyday situations.

After initially learning basic vocabulary, Krish was then able to develop her speaking, listening, writing and reading skills through regular practice. Some of the activities used to improve her abilities included role-playing, letter and story writing tasks, and analysis of texts.

Krish has always enjoyed learning English. She finds class to be challenging, but ultimately rewarding when she is able to communicate more effectively in the workplace. Krish believes a good teacher keeps students engaged and interested by formulating lessons around themes that are exciting and relevant. Krish feels that the best classes are when students have a greater opportunity to speak with minimal presenting from the teacher.

Krish is an active member of the class, regularly offering answers to questions. She is a visual learner who is able to provide better answers when given a relevant and clear context to discuss topics. Krish seems to prefer working individually, but she does enjoy speaking with other students during group work.

Outside the classroom Krish does not often have the opportunity to practice speaking English, as her neighbours and friends are non-English speakers. She does...
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