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ompulsory Physical Education in Schools.Danielle Mathieson In the last ten years our culture had dramatically changed. People used to enjoy being active and wanted to exercise and stay fit and healthy. Physical education in schools makes sure that children are getting some sort of exercise as it is not guaranteed they will be getting it at home. Some schools don’t force children to participate in physical education but want them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Children’s obesity is growing in the United Kingdom. Physical Education should be compulsory in schools. Some children physically cannot participate in sport; therefore I feel all children should involve themselves in activities in school if they have the ability to do so. Their participation in pe teaches them about lifelong fitness. When I attended primary school, physical education helped play a a very important role in my life. I became involved in several different sports because of participation in physical education classes. During we played many different types of sport which now still helps me as a higher physical education student. In addition, we learned some of the basics of coaching a class of pupils. I played football for years because of my involvement in physical education classes. This is an example of how important PE is to us and how it helps up later on in life. However people argue that students should have the right to control their own bodies and choose what they do with it. The aim of compulsory PE isn’t being fulfilled at present in any case, and greater efforts to enforce it will only result in more deceit. Children will purposely miss school for the entire day just because they don’t want to take part in PE or, in the most extreme cases, may be withdrawn due to parents being unwilling to allow their children to be forced into something they don’t wish to do. Therefore, people feel the whole physical education in schools should simply be abandoned and make the whole exercise...
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