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Describe at least four activities that the HRM function will undertake in Escape to the Wild, the purpose of eth activities and why you think they are important for helping the company succeed.

A function that HRM will undertake is staff training. This will ensure that employees are up to date with any changes that may occur like systems updates, new skills can be learned. It will also ensure that, employees in the same role are all working at an equivalent level of standard to each other. For example: Employees on the shop floor should be up to date on any new products brought out by the company and be able to deal with customers, in a respectful and helpful manner. Making sure employees are working at their most effective.

If all employees work to a standard set this will ensure that there will be good customer relations and customers will return and spend their money at the company providing the company with an increased turnover. Also staff training will be beneficial for the organisations success as staff will feel invested in and will feel more secure and happy in their role that they play within the company. This means a lower job turnover in staff resulting in less money having to be spent on recruitment, selection and training of new candidates.

Another function HRM will undertake is looking at employment legislation. This will be including areas associated with: equal opportunities, discrimination, union recognition, contracts, health and safety and EU directives. There is constantly new legislation being made for all of these topics; and it is the role of the HR Department to keep up to date with these regulations and legislation. This is very important for the success of the business as these rules and regulations cannot be broken as this can result in fines for the business or even closure of it if the breech is significant. And the business can’t succeed if it is closed. Also it is important as there can be changes in things like...
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