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Nursing to me is such a challenging field and sufficiently rewarding career, to be part of this course would not only mean a enormous deal to me but it would also give me the opportunity to fulfill my long team ambition to be a nurse. Nursing would allow me to flourish my inter personal skills, as I find it rather easy to establish good, trusting relationships with new people. From an early age I have always wanted to become a nurse, but as time want pass I felt it was not the right time for me to pursue that goal , due to the fact that I had a family to provide for. which meant I had to put my studying on hold for a while. in the last couple of years I felt my goals in life have not been achieved to the fullest. That is why I have studied a course in child care in college, which also led me to pursue a diploma in health and social care at a higher level. To further my horizon into the nursing field I applied for a job in a care home. Where I gained a first hand knowledge into the working life of a nurse. I got the opportunity to observe and speak to the nurses regarding a career in this field. At the same time I also volunteered at a local primer school which I found to be very rewarding. This experience allowed me to build my caring skill further, helping kids paint, read, write and generally looking after their well being. All these experience make me more determent to achieve my ambition to be a nurse. I find the NHS to be very satisfying and working with a team that deals with helping people from all walks of life. that consist of all ages with varying health problems to be interesting and mentally challenging. I also love the opportunity the nursing field gives, whereby a nurse can work in a variety of environments such as hospitals, care homes and schools. Ugbad I left you this paragraph so u can say what u enjoy about nursing and what you look forward to…….J kiss kiss In my pastime I enjoy reading, listening to music, playing basketball, going to...
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