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Review of Trends in Fast Food Consumption
Aysha Karamat Baig Scholars, Management Sciences Department Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan Tel: +0092-300-6649567 E-mail: ayshakaramat@gmail.com Munazza Saeed Scholars, Management Sciences Department Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan Tel: +0092-345-7800230 E-mail: myz_munaza@gmail.com Abstract Fast food consumption increased dramatically in Pakistan. Dramatic changes in food consumption, and profound public concern about health and obesity elucidated that there is a certain considerable need for research to understand better the attributes or strategies driven by fast food centers in Pakistan. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the fast food market and customer attitudes in Pakistan, and outlined successful and smart strategies of the fast food companies in their attempt to penetrate the Pakistani market. The objective had been achieved by reviewing McDonald, KFC, Almaida, Frichick’s and other wellknown fast food centers in eastern side of Pakistan, qualitative or exploratory methodology was used, that included observational research, surveyed the customers in two big cities of Punjab (Pakistan) by using convenience sample of 100 respondents. Food choice variables have been explored using literature reviews. The subject scope of the paper covers fast food sector development and trends that are foundation for increasing consumption and leading to the social dilemma of Health deterioration as increasing Global obesity. Factors having impact on Consumers food choices are; fascination for eating out, socialization, urbanization, taste for college and university students, convenience for dual-income families in Pakistan, and many other.

Keywords: Consumption, Fast foods, Pakistan. Paper type: Research paper

Eating in Pakistan is a stirring practice and food has many different styles with immense restaurants in all the big cities of Pakistan. Worldwide Cuisines can be cooked in Pakistan, like Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, and approximately all international dishes, similarly Fast food chains are mounting in popularity by reason of convenience and their home oriented approach. “In data Monitor’s (2005) survey, the fast food market is defined as the sale of food and drinks for immediate consumption either on the premises or in designated eating areas shared with other foodservice operators, or for consumption elsewhere”(Anand,2011). Today, eating out entirely is part of fast lifestyle, not just a special treat as it was in years past. Evolution of eating out and food away from home to an extent of


European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences - Issue 48 (2012)

food revolution is an outcome of changing food and eating habits of the consumers towards convenience in the present time-starved societies, where both husband and wife are working. Roberts and Worzel (1979) stated that large number of women working outside the home had less time to cook food at home so, the women’s time was considered to be an important factor in raising the demand for fast food consumption in developing countries (Senauer, Sahn, and Alderman 1986). Globalization has influenced the production and processing of food as well as its sales, preparations and consumption and with growing relative importance of snacks, burgers, pizzas and fizzy drinks, people are snacking in a new way. Urbanization is also one of the factors leading to change lifestyles and increased income and independence of young people,as it had been stated that demand for food is associated with the life style of urban areas (Pingali, 2004), and consumption of western style food increased as the income level of developing countries increased (Regmi and Dyck, 2001). As a result changes in...
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