Topics: Big Bang, General relativity, Universe Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Dark energy is a mysterious and poorly understood force, but scientists are doing their best to prove that dark energy does exists. Scientists have proposed that dark energy is somehow causing the universe to expand at an accelerating rate; due to this conclusion, they think that dark energy’s existence is 99.996% real. Dark energy was not discovered a few days ago but in the 1990s when two groups of scientists proposed its. When the groups were observing supernovas, some of the stars were less bright than the expected from this event the scientists concluded that the universe’s expansion was accelerating. The claim that dark energy exists is support by the Integrated Sachs Wolfe effect. This effect states that “light forms the cosmic microwave background-- radiation present throughout the universe that was created by the Big Bang-- would come more blue in color as it passed through the gravitational fields of lumps of matter.” But many other scientists do not accept that dark energy exists because the results that those two groups had about dark energy’s existence were too insignificant to determine its existence or not.

This article shows that most of the scientists nowadays do their research by following thoughts or “theories” that were already register but not actually concluded or accepted by other scientist due to the lack of technology. Also I learned that dark energy, same as dark matter are something that science can detect it but not understand it very well. What I did not understand was the Sachs Wolfe effect, I read it three times but I didn’t understand it and I tried to related to the picture that the newspaper shows but I still did not got it. I think it would have been interesting if we had learned about it in class.

This source it is reliable because it’s a LA times’ article. It is not an opinion because it’s not on the opinion section and the people who work on the science section their job it’s to write scientific reports (that are really...
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