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Why did the Spanish Armada Fail?
By Aoife Lawrence

The Spanish Armada was an attempt by Philip of Spain to conquer England. Philip who had been married to Mary, Elizabeth’s sister was angry that Elizabeth didn’t accept his proposal. Also, he was angry that England had returned to Protestantism because Spain was a Catholic country. Philip planned the invasion firstly he would send his Spanish armada of 131 ships and 17,000 men to France and then an extra 16,000 men that had been fighting in Holland. Then the fleet would cross the English Channel and defeat Queen Elizabeth I’s army. The Spanish Armada reached the destination of Calais in early August of 1588. Also, at the time of Elizabeth I, Spain controlled what was called the Spanish Netherlands. This is now Holland and Belgium. Holland wanted its independence. They did not like being made catholic, in fact Protestant ideas had taken root in Holland and had a secret police called the Inquisitor to hunt Protestants. Holland however, during Elizabeth’s reign, the English had been helping the Dutch protestants in Holland. Philip II wanted to put this to an end. When married to Elizabeth’s half sister Philips boats could pass on the English Channel and have easy passage to the Spanish Netherlands, but now he couldn’t. English ‘Sea-Dogs’ made damage to the Spanish ships with the silver trade in them. Sir Francis Drake attacked Spanish off the West-Indies, Spain lost lots of its money when ships with silver sunk. Sir Francis Drake was a hero to the English but to the Spanish he was nothing but a Pirate who was allowed to steel and sink ships with silver right under the Queen of England’s eye. This was all part of the cause of the Spanish Armada.

Spanish Mistakes
There were several mistakes made by the Spanish Armada, some even made before they sailed. The plan was to go to the Spanish Netherlands, and then pick up Spanish soldiers who were waiting to invade the south coast of England, but...

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