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By | November 2012
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Why Is Family Life Important To Christians?

Family life is important for Christians because:

• So that children can be brought up in a secure and loving environment so they come to love God and follow Jesus. • Christianity teaches that the family was created by God as the basic unit for society and the only place to bring up children. The family is the most important part of society – without the family, society would collapse. • It is the place that children learn right from wrong. Without the family there would be more evil in the world. • It is where children are introduced to the faith – by being baptised, taken to church for worship, Sunday schools and at festivals times, for example. Therefore the family is important for Christianity to continue and grow. • Christian children are expected to care for elderly parents when they are no longer able to care for themselves. This is based on the fifth commandment and the teaching of Jesus. However, In the Bible, St Paul adds that parents should also treat their children well. • Family life is important for procreation as said in Genesis 1:22. Without the family, there would be no children. • Family is where the children are taught the ways of God and is fundamental - if this initial and primary teaching is neglected, the Church will find it extremely difficult to mould the lives of the children to the pattern required of God for the Church builds on the foundation laid by the parents. • The family is the base for the existence of the Church. If the family is broken, the Church is broken and if the Church is broken, the purpose of man in God is broken – “We all like sheep, will go astray” Isaiah 53:6.

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