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‘’ A tourist who moves about to see and hear and open himself to all influences of the places which condense centuries of human greatness, is only a man in search of excellence ‘’ Max lamer 1990

The study of tourism geography is essential to the tourism industry as it illustrate ways in which man impact the environment and also how the environment influence man. According to wiki pedia , tourism geography is that branch of science which deals with the study of travel and its impact on places This research seek to unfold how the knowledge of the sub sectors of tourism and geography can help the tourism and hospitality industry cater to the psychological demands and purpose of travel of potential tourist Though there are many sub sectors of tourism and geography, the sub sectors that will be my primary focus in this research are as followed: Sub sectors of geography

Climatology, biogeography, political geography
Sub sectors of tourism
Eco tourism, sport tourism, special tourism

Sub Sectors of Geography Impact on Tourism

In definition, climatology is the studies of climate scientifically define as weather condition average over a period of time and is the branch of the atmosphere science. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climatology

For many of the world, climate is the main motivation for attracting visitors; any change in climate affect the resources. In the Caribbean region, we have a tropical climate with little variation in temperature regardless of the time of the year. Jamaica enjoy sunshine all year round with sunshine divided into dry and wet season with the last six month of the year(June - November) being the wettest and the first six months (Dec – May) being the driest. The Caribbean hurricane season begins June and end November.

With the knowledge of climatology, the tourism and hospitality industry would be able to identify the best time of the year for tourist to visit our country and also know when is the ideal time tourist may want to escape there country just for a while to experience something difference. For example, tourist who is coming to Jamaica for the beautiful weather, relaxation, adventure and a fun-filled vacation may not want to visit Jamaica in the hurricane/wet period which is from May – Nov. Most countries have a fairly good climate at this time of the year so these tourists may have no need to come to Jamaica in that peiod. However, visitors would much prefer to come to Jamaica in the dry period which is from Dec – May, because (in some counties that our tourist come from ) there climate may change from being hot /warm to very cold/ snowy, while in Jamaica our climate remain pretty much the same ,only with less rainfall and no danger of hurricanes

According to the American heritage science dictionary, biogeography is the scientific study of the geography distribution of plant and animal. Biogeography is essential to tourism as it to seeks enlighten the public about the importance of the existence of species, animal and plants to a country/region and factors affecting the extinction / distribution of it. Today, there is a growing amount of tourist who is interesting in the world of nature. As a result, eco-destinations that informs people about the natural environment and promotes its welfare, has boomed in some countries. A knowledge of biogeography can aid the tourism industry in catering for potential tourist in that, the industry can protect and promote our natural habitant for those tourist whose main purpose of traveling to un-known land, is to enjoy an environment with little/ or no man made damage. Jamaica has many natural resources that is home to many species, plan life, and animals. Example of these are the Negril Marine Park, black river morass, royal palm reserve, dolphin head reserve, ocho rios marine park,...
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