Mispronunciation of English Regular Past Tenses in Esl Students

Topics: Past tense, Scientific method, Verb Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: February 18, 2011
Licenciatura en Lengua Inglesa – Rosario 10
Teorìa y Pràctica de la Investigaciòn I - Final Assignment

1.Problem, question, purpose of research.


In my experience as a teacher of the English language in IMEI ( Instituto Modelo de Enseñanza en Inglès), I found out that is quite difficult for my Spanish learners to pronounce the past tense ending of regular verbs. Many of them insert a vowel and create an extra syllable in the word. Therefore, my question is the following : Is there any influence of orthography on the production of –ed endings by students of English ?

Problem: Study the possible interference of the written form of regular past tense verbs in the process of speaking. The study will investigate the influence of orthography on the production of vowel epenthesis.

2.Exploration stage: What I want to investigate is feasible because many of my students have the same problem in the English institute where I work.

3.Research design (planning): Provide paragraph readings (tongue twisters) in written and recorded form containing monosyllabic words ending in –ed, such as verbs in the simple past, past participles and some adjectives besides words that have the same pronunciation of the cluster in final position as those words ending in –ed. These words will serve as contrast for the analysis of ortographic interference in reading aloud and in pronunciation processes.

4.Research process (performing) : The students will be recorded on their readings of the short tongue twisters containing words ending in –ed and contrastive words. Then the data will be analyzed using different research techniques and through different sources.

5.Analysis and interpretation of results: At this stage, I will make a detailed examination of the results to understand if ortography influences Spanish students of English on the production of –ed endings . If the analysis of the collected data does nothing to shed light on a positive outcome for...
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