Misogynistic Tones

Topics: Gender, Woman, Female Pages: 4 (1566 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Misogynistic tones have often been written (sometimes hidden) in a text or lyric for the purposes of entertainment- this has been a common practice throughout the history of the written word; and was especially prevalent in 1966 America before the women’s rights acts was implemented. It was this year that James Brown recorded the song titled “It’s a Man’s World”- kind of appropriate that I used this song as an example of lyrical content which contains a large element of chauvinism. I’ve listened to this song since I was a child, and until recently- I had never paid attention to the actual words. At first glance- one may listen to the song and describe it as being a song that pays homage to women by saying that “this is a man’s world- but it would mean nothing without a woman or a girl”- it all sounds good when you think of it from that perspective, and that may have very well been Brown’s intentions upon recording the song; but once you break the lyrics down line by line, a completely different picture begins to show. We can start with the title to invoke critical thought, but that would be far too simple- the saying “this is a man’s world” is common because of the many men who have declared this in song, text, or conversation- and over the years this ideology has been instilled in people (women and men), and the outcome is that the saying in itself has become not only a cliché- but an overall belief. Another funny fact about the song is that it was co-written by a woman by the name of Betty Jean Newsome (who was briefly involved with Brown) - she wrote the lyrics based on her personal observations of gender relations in that era- with this knowledge one is able to see precisely how much masculine influence writing has had over us all (woman and man). This is a man’s world,” sang James Brown in 1966, with a voice both defiantly assertive and painfully anguished. He starts off proudly, with a litany of men’s accomplishments: men made the cars, the trains, the...
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