Misimt Custom Machine Company, Inc.

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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IMT Custom Machine Company, INC.
The situation is the efficiency and effectiveness of IMT's information system needs to be improved through out the organization. Apparently, the lack of clear mission and lack of cohesive strategy of IMT's information system are the major problems. Moreover, there are other issues need to be addressed. Firstly, IMT has two groups to support the information system. However, the two groups are lack of interconnection with each other. Secondly, different department use individual LANs instead of sharing information with WAN network. Thirdly, there is no commander from senior management level to oversee and direct the development of the information system. Moreover, IMT spent a lot of money on upgrading old systems by purchasing costly software. The next problem is the CAD application taken up a large percentage of the use of CPU. Another problem is the manual data transformation process is both time consuming and problematic. IMT has to decide to make a change. It has to renew its information system.

The target of IMT would be form a clear vision to help to make future decisions. Moreover, it has to evaluate the four options and make decisions of how to integrate in information system. The company is looking for an effective information system with clear mission and direction and best suited the company.

Firstly, there should be an evaluation of the four options. Option 1: Centralized Computing Environment
Centralized computing means all computers are controlled through a central terminal server (White, 2007). Advantages: free up the mainframe due to less use of the workstation Lower cost of ownership(White, 2007)

Disadvantages: need form connections between the new CAD stations and mainframe Invest in new software
Option 2: Work station computing
In IBM and other corporations, the term...
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