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Misfortunes in Madrid

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Upon the arrival in Madrid, Rizal sought the help of the :

Filipino Colony - the Asosacion Hispano - Filipina and the
Liberal Spanish Newspapers ( La Justicia, El Globo, La Republica, El Resumen, etc. )

M.H. del Pilar - acted as the lawyer of Dr. Jose Rizal
Dr. Dominador Gomez - secretary of the Asosacion Hispano - Filipina Señor Fabie - Minister of Colonies
El Resumen - a Madrid newspaper which sympathized the Filipino cause

" to cover the ears, open the purse and fold the arms "
- Spanish colonial policy

Silvestre Ubaldo - his brother-in-law
- brought a copy of the ejectment order by the Dominicans against Francisco Rizal and other Calamba tenants.

Saturnina - his sister
- in which he learned the deportation of Paciano ( Rizal ), Antonino ( Lopez ), Silvestre ( Ubaldo ), and Dandoy ( Dr. Rizal's relative ) to Mindoro.

September 6, 1890 - the unfortunate deportees were arrested in Calamba and were shipped out of Manila.

Narcisa - Antonino's wife
- Rizal's parents were living in her house when they had been forcibly ejected from their home.

Becerra and Maura - liberal Spanish statesmen

Queen Regent Maria Cristina - ruler of Spain during the minority of Alfonso XIII.


Jose Ma. Panganiban - his talented co-worker in the Propaganda Movement , died in Barcelona on August 19, 1890 after a lingering illness.


Towards the end of August 1890, Rizal attended a social reunion of the Filipinos in Madrid.

Antonio Luna - his friend who had a frustrated romance with Nellie Boustead
- he blamed Rizal for his failure to win her and uttered unsavoury remarks about Nellie

• Angered by the slanderous remarks, he challenged Luna, his friend to duel. Fortunately, Luna , when he became sober, realized that he had made a fool of himself during his drunken state , apologized about what he said and they...

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