Topics: Anton Chekhov, Taxicab, Short story Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Misery, by Anton Chekhov, is a story about a cab driver who fails to find someone to tell his tragic story about the death of his son. The main character Lona start surrounded by cab drivers, yet no one cares to pay attention to his suffering and pain. His son had passed away recently and he is still mourning his death. He then runs into an officer who made a joke and encourages him to speak, by asking how the boy died. Lona tries to explain, yet the passenger wants to the driver to keep his eyes on the road, which discourages Lona and loses all sense of hope for understanding the situation. The frustration of not having anyone listen to him is creating a mental break down for Lona. He then picks up a set of drunks, who are unsympathetic and could care less about what is happening around them. The young hunchback guy just falls asleep in back of the cab, during the whole trip. Unable to sleep, Lona tries to talk to his horse. He tells the sad story and explains how poor he really is and cannot afford eat, by saying "I have not earned enough to pay for the oats, even.” He uses the horse to express his feelings and suffering and tells her, “Now, suppose you had a little colt” which he tries to implement his feelings and sorrow to the horse. In the end, he cannot find a single person to listen to his story. He is extremely frustrated that no one will give him the time or day to listen to his story and care about his feelings. This is a sad story of an exhausted man, who is unstable and needs to get his feelings out. I feel that story can be related many today, who are dealing with the same situations. The author of this story did not say much about a mother or any other family members, therefore, grieving by oneself will drive him crazy. This story was a little difficult to understand and I had to read it two times to really understand it. The way the author makes his characters speak and his actions may reflect on the author himself. Perhaps the...
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