Miseducation of the Negro

Topics: Ancient history, Education, School Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Alffuent professional schools

The students in Affluent professional schools come from upper class families. The curriculum is creative, expressive, and builds on important decision making skills for the future. In the Affluent Professional Schools the child’s own satisfaction is just as important as the teachers. The students at this school are being prepared to follow in the footsteps of their parents and become future doctors, accountants, and lawyers. The learning environment of the school is creative. The students work at their own pace and carry out work independently without the strict dependence on a book or teacher. The students are to creatively express and apply ideas and concepts. Work requires individuality, the ability to expand on ideas, and the appropriateness of method and material. Students of this school are usually assigned written stories, editorial and essays, or representations of ideas in form of mural, graph, or craft. The finished product should not be like any other students. It should show individuality. The product should show be of good design while fitting reality. There are very few rules regarding the work for the children and the limits normally depend on the activity. The finished product of work is graded for its expressiveness and appropriateness of topic. The Childs own satisfaction is often more important than that of the teachers. When it comes to subjects that require right answers as in commercial materials, the children are encouraged to “think about it some more”. The children are sent home with sheets asking the parents to fill in the information requested. The parents are asked about the number of cars they have, television sets, refrigerators, games, or rooms in the house. The children are asked to find the average number of each possession owned by the fifth grade. Each child must calculate and come up with his own set of data. Calculators are supplied to the class for use in this activity. Children are...
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