Miseducation of Children

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  • Published : August 11, 2012
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The Miseducation of Children

Author Note
This research is being submitted on July 5, 2012 for David Elkind’s EC110 Curriculum and Instruction course.

The Miseducation of Children
“If we do not wake to the potential danger of this harmful practices, we may be do serious damage to large segment of next generation” - By David Elkind Across the country, many young children’s receiving structured instructions at an early age, can be harm psychologically and/or physically. When children’s dressed like adult they are more likely to behave like adults. When boy’s wear long pants can walk like a men and little girls in the tight jeans walk like a women. Sometimes I noticed these actions in my son too. I started kindergarten at the age of 4 and was the youngest in my class, but that doesn’t mean I did not have issues? I still have lot of issues, but don’t we all? When we instruct the children in academic subject or in swimming or in gymnastics at an early age we miseducate them. We put them at risk for short term stress and long term personality damage for no useful purpose. Dr Elkind discusses what parent should look for when deciding upon the initial stages of their children’s education. Hurrying children, expecting them to feel things, and act much older than they are. It puts extraordinary pressure upon them for adoption. The dynamics of parents who miseducate their infants and young children believe that they can make a difference in their lives. They can give them all edge that will make them brighter than the competition. “I think there is no as such definition of Miseducation, it’s a concern turn to one of the biggest problem and most disturbing new trend” which David Elkind called miseducation and so do I. I think it is important to examine each child and if they find formal learning to be a fun activity. There are many parents out there pushing their kids to accomplish tasks that they are not ready for. There are also many parents out there not doing...
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