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Three Chinese thugs are running for their lives down a Boston street at night. They dart into an alleyway hoping to elude their pursuer but she floats down from above and blocks their passage. Instantly one of them opens fire with his revolver and Wonder Woman easily deflects the bullets with her bracelets before grabbing the gun from his hands and crushing it like paper. She then sends him crashing into some nearby trash cans.Another thug draws a couple of blades and lunges at her, but soon cries out in pain as Wonder Woman casually disarms him before knocking him to the floor. Arriving at the crime scene, Ed and his forensic team discover that Myndi Mayer has been dead for a few hours. A cleaning lady had found her lying on the floor in her office. Her head had been blown away with a shotgun.As Ed scans the walls of her office he notes the many photographs of various celebrities who had been her clients. Positioned in a place of honour on the wall is one very familiar face - or should that be body! He stares up admiringly at the unforgettable face and figure of the "star-spangled babe" known as "Wonder Woman".Just then Lt. Shands snaps him out of his trance by asking the team of detectives in the room what they have discovered from the crime scene. One of the team replies that Myndi appeared not to have gone without a fight as she had been clutching a blood covered letter opener. He has also found her empty purse lying next to her body. Ed in turn had then responds that it all seems a bit extreme blowing a woman's head off for a simple robbery. The other detective then adds that perhaps there was more to it than meets the eye, because they have also found traces of a white powder on her desk. He is certain it is Cocaine.The cleaning lady who had discovered Myndi's body had stated that she had seen a short, stocky, bearded white man entering the building after hours. He wore a jacket with the words "Common Sense" written on the back. He had also looked very...

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