Misconceptions of Physics

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  • Published : January 11, 2012
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Misconceptions of Physics

One of the misconceptions in physics is about Newtons laws. It says that friction can't act in the direction of motion. This is wrong because friction can act in the same direction as motion simply because a car on a road is traveling in one direction. The friction on the tires causes it to slow down over a distance along with some air resistance. This proves that friction can act in the same direction as motion

A misconception in physics is that the moon is not in free fall. This statement is simply not true, and facts easily can prove this wrong. The moon is in free fall because earth's gravity pulls it down. As the moon goes around the earth, it is free falling because it goes around earths gravity field to maintain the same resistance all the way around. This is true with satellites, and like all the planets in the solar system. They all rotate around some gravitational mass that causes them to free fall.

Another misconception is the moon is not falling. This is not true, and it is in fact a lie. The moon is falling because the moon is free-falling around earth. If it weren't free falling, what would it be? The moon is falling due to earth's gravitational force. This is a direct variable for why the moon falls.

Planetary orbits are circles. This is a law that is not true, and there are reasons why. Planetary orbits are actually elliptical. It seems like it shouldn't be this way because it free falls at a constant rate, but it makes an elliptical pattern. Kepler's law has been proven wrong, and shows that not everything that scientists say isn't always correct. This is a tested and proven fact that they are actually elliptical.

Wave nature of light is another misconception. It says that light just is and has no origin. Well this can obviously be proven wrong by just looking up at the sky. The sun is producing light, and if it weren't true then why is it that it gets dark at night? If light has no origin, then it should...
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