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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Children Misbehavior
Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, but there are many children that cannot tell the difference between right and wrong. They grow up in a world with no rules and subsequently realize that they have made many wrong decisions that led them to undesirable moments in life. They have not only underestimated their parents but also ruined their lives by not listening to parents and not following the rules while they were young. Therefore parents should be allowed to hit their children to correct their behavior because the children might get out of hand, they might have no respect for their parents, and hitting them reasonably might be the only way the children will follow the regulations. This is the answer for a parent that loves and wants the best for his/her children, disciplined is necessary on all children.

If children are taught and disciplined at a young age then they will not run free like wild animals. When I was a child my parents used to smack me when I was naughty. Today I consider myself a decent member of society. If I would have been allowed to get away with misbehaving when I was a child I would not have turned out the same. All children need to be physically disciplined when they are growing up in order to learn the rights and wrongs of society and culture. This way parents will also be able to control them. For example, if you compare a teenager that has been closely controlled and a teen that does whatever they want, the adolescent that has been regimented will always grow brighter. A well-disciplined juvenile will know rules and live by those regulations. Children should be closely controlled when they are still young so as they grow they could still be able to be kept under control.

Parents should always show the children that parents are the authority. I have seen a child say to their parent “I do not care what you say; I will go to the club.” The juvenile feels that he/she does not have to follow any rules or...
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