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  • Published: March 10, 2012
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emManagement Information System
EBC 2003

Summary of the Course Literature

Summary - Management Information System – Josef Stenten

Task 1 – Taxonomies of Information Systems
Mastering the three worlds of information technology By Mc Afee 3 roles of executives in managing IT: 1) select technologies, 2) nurture adoption, 3) ensure their exploitation Building an Effective IT Model - IT in a historical context: IT is the latest in a series of general-purpose technologies (GPTs), innovations so important that they cause jumps in an economy’s normal march of progress. - GPTs deliver greater benefits as people invent or develop complements that multiply the power, impact, and uses of GPTs. Complements are organizational innovations, or changes in the way companies get work done. Examples: o Better-skilled workers o Higher levels of teamwork o Redesigned processes o New decision rights - But: IT not with same relationship with the four organizational complements than other process GPTs have The Three Categories of IT 1) Function IT (FIT): includes technologies that make the execution of stand-alone tasks more efficient. Assists with the execution of discrete tasks. Ex.: word processors, spreadsheets, CAD systems Characteristics: Can be adopted without complements; impact increases when complements are in place Capabilities: o Enhancing experimentation capacity o Increasing precision 2) Network IT (NIT): provides a means by which people can communicate with one another. Facilitates interactions without specifying their parameters. Ex.: e-mail, instant messaging, blogs, groupware. Unlike FIT, network IT brings complements with it but allows users to implement and modify them over time. Characteristics: Doesn’t impose complements but lets them emerge over time; doesn’t specify tasks or sequences; accepts data in many formats; use is optional Capabilities: o Facilitating collaboration o Allowing expressions of judgment o Fostering emergence (the appearance of...
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