Mis Project 1

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  • Published : October 22, 2014
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MIS 2101 - Project 1
Business Applications
PART A – Customer Relationship Management
Developing a CRM strategy is discussed in chapter 8 of the Valacich book. What changes are necessary for an organization to successfully implement a CRM? Policies and Business Processes changes Customer Service changes

Employee Training changes
Data Collection, Analysis, and Sharing changes.
In chapter 8 of the Valacich book, the terms analytical CRM, collaborative CRM and operational CRM are introduced. According to the book, What is an analytical CRM?
What is a collaborative CRM?
What is an operational CRM? Analytical CRM:
Systems for analyzing customer behavior and perceptions (e.g., quality, price, and overall satisfaction) in order to provide business intelligence Collaborative CRM:
Systems for providing effective and efficient communication with the customer from the entire organization. Operational CRM:
Systems for automating the fundamental business processes – marketing, sales, and support – for interacting with the customer. List one function that a CRM performs for the sales organization (from the Microsoft site). Through the dashboard, managers can monitor team’s performance, and people can share news and information. List one function that a CRM performs for marketing organizations (from the Microsoft site). Creating pictures like graphics that can show the loose, sales, and profit. List one function that a CRM performs for customer service organizations (from the Microsoft site). IM and video call allow users to communicate with customers and employers easily.

Answer the Questions for Part B Here
Which Sales Plan scenario provides the highest total revenue (phones & service) over the life of the product? Plan#4 scenario provides the highest total revenue. Which Sales Plan scenario provides the highest level of total profit (phones & service) over...
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