Mis of Janesadsd

Topics: Touchscreen, Point of sale, IPod Touch Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Claudine S. Lingat
Prof. Marc Voltaire A. Padilla
Thursday 10:00A-1:00PM
Janet’s Pares House Corporation

Chapter I: Problem Definition
The Janet’s Pares House Restaurant is an establishment which prepares and serves food and drink to customers in return for money, paid before the meal. It is located near at RP Novaliches Q.C metro manila, there are (3) three branches (1) one in RP Novaliches and (2) two in Novaliches Bayan. Similar to other business they also encounter some problems in their operation, in their daily basis like they are manual computing of orders and its change that the customers need to wait for a couple of minutes, inaccurate records of sales, point of sales goes through various processes and does not meet the customers satisfaction because of slow process with the existing system.

Chapter II: Information Technology
Order Taking and Tracking
* In the restaurant setting touch screen technology have three important functions. The most visual use of touch screen technology in restaurants is for order taking and management. This function is in place in almost every chain restaurant today from fast food to sit down restaurants. Touch screen ordering is used by restaurant staff members to enter a customers order into the main system. From there, it is sent to the kitchen and posted into the cash management set- up. When the kitchen crew sees the order on its screen, it knows what it is, the time it was entered and where it is going. Touch screen in restaurants also help to eliminate miscommunication between order takers and kitchen staff. Cash Management

* Cash management is another common use of touch screen technology in restaurants. After the order is entered into the main system, the cash handlers or management can use the touch screen technology to pull up the entire order history quickly, including the total bill due. Touch screens are an efficient and faster method of handling information. There is no need to learn...
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