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Q 1: What kind of system is described in this case? Identify describe business processes each supports. Describe the inputs, process and output of these systems. Ans: (a) systems described in this case are:

* Transaction processing system (TPS)
* Pizza tracker
* Pulse
* Pulse evolution
(i): Thick client model
(ii): Thin client model
* Online polling system
* Online ordering system
(b): Processes each system supports:
PULSE: Domino’s proprietary point of sale system, Pulse capture purchase and payment data at a physical location where goods or services are bought and sold using computers, automated cash register, scanners, or other digital devices. It also perform other functions like, taking and customizing orders, using a touch screen interface, maintaining sales figure and compiling customers information. PULSE EVOLUTION: Pulse Evolution is a new hardware and software platform a Domino released. Pulse Evolution on the older technology in several ways. First the older software used a THICK CLIENT MODEL, which required all machines using the software to be fully equipped personal computer running windows. Pulse Evolution on the other hand uses THIN CLIENT ARCHITECTURE in which network workstations with little independent processing power collect data and send them over the internet to powerful Lenovo PC’s for processing. ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM: It also includes pizza tracker. This system allows customer to watch a simulated photographic version of their pizza as they customize its size, sauce and topping. PIZZA TRACKER: Pizza tracker displays a horizontal bar that tracks on orders progress graphically. As a Domino’s store completes each step of the order fulfillment process, a section of the bar becomes a red ONLINE POLLING SYSTEM: Domino’s introduces an online polling system to continuously upload information from local stores. (c): PULSE:

* Computers
* Automated cash register
* Scanner
* Digital devices
* Capturing purchases and payment data
* Taking and customizing orders

* Maintaining sales figure
* Compiling customer information.
* PC’S
* Collecting data
* Sending data over the internet
* Pizza tracker displays a horizontal bar that tracks on orders’ progress graphically. PROCESS:
* Ordering
Bar becomes a red after process has been completed.
Q2: How do these systems help Dominos improve its business performance? ANS: Pulse in an important asset in maintaining consistent and efficient management function in each of its restaurant. It also improved customer service, reduced mistakes and shorter training times increase customer satisfaction. Pulse Evolution has made it easier to update and more secure, since there is only use machine in the store which needs to be upload. Through Pizza Tracker customer that place their orders via telephone can monitor their progress on the web using pizza tracker. More, it saves time of customer, reduce cost, keep customer update about their orders and keep stores up-to-date. Q3: How did online pizza ordering system improves the process of ordering a domino pizza? ANS: Online ordering system also includes pizza tracker. The system allows customer to watch a simulated photographic version of their pizza as they customize its size, sauce, and topping. The image changes with each change a customer makes. Then, once customer places an order, they are able to view its progress online with pizza tracker. Q4: How effective are these systems in giving Domino’s competitive edge? Explain your answer? ANS: Pizza hut and Papa john’s also have online ordering capability, but lack the Pizza Tracker and the simulated pizza features that Domino’s has successfully implemented. Domino’s pizza is trying to overcome their competitors, but still...
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