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Mis 2502
Assignment 7 - SAS #2 – Decision Trees

You’ll be working on the project you created in the previous assignment. Remember, this project used the “Organics” data set. When you open SAS Enterprise Miner, you should be able to find your work under the File/Recent Projects. If you can’t find it there, go to File/Open Projects… and search for your project.

* Create a Decision Tree based on the Organics Data Set
1. Add a Data Partition node to the diagram and connect it to the Data Source node. Assign 50% of the data for training and 50% for validation. Run it.

Add a Decision Tree node to the workspace and connect it to the Data Partition node.

2. Create a decision tree model autonomously (i.e., just run the Decision Tree node).

Answer the two questions below and attach the screenshot(s) in your solution document where you found the answer. 1) How many leaves are in the optimal tree?
* ANS : 13

2) Which variable was used for the first split?

* ANS : DemAge

* 1)How many leaves are in the optimal tree?
ANS : 38

3) Based on average square error, which of the two decision tree models appears to be better (the first one or the second one)? * ANS: The one one appears better because the lower the tree branches the least amount of errors *

* D. Tree 1
D.Tree 2

4) Start at the top of the decision tree (with the 3-way splits) and work your way downward to answer the following questions (you don’t need to include screen shots for these questions – just provide the answer): *
* Question| * Answer|
* What is the probability that a 33 year old man with affluence grade 10 buys Organics?| * 50.0%| * What is the probability that a 23 year old woman with affluence grade 3 buys...
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