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Topics: Retailing, Management, Dollar General Pages: 3 (646 words) Published: December 27, 2011
Submitted To: Dr. Walid Najjar
By : Hussein El-Ratel|

Question 1:
Describe Dollar General’s business strategy. Why has the company been so successful? Dollar General is an aggressive competitor in the deep discount retail industry, the main reason for the company’s success is the business strategy, the company believes in locating Dollar General Stores within communities, targeting municipalities that are home to fewer than 20,000 residents. The company believes that filling the role of neighborhood store is a big part of its success. Dollar General accomplishes success by rapidly opening stores and running each store at the lowest operating cost possible. It takes full advantage of this strategy by developing a system for opening new stores that shapes the procedure down to a scant eight days. Dollar General views this system very important for its business success. Question 2:

Describe the role of management, organization and technology in Dollar General’s business strategy?
Management plays a vital role in the business strategy of Dollar General, with the opening of a new store the management starts working for hiring the construction team to perform all the work required to bring the Dollar General store on the floor. The organization outlines the proper positioning and placement for all fixtures and products in guidebook, which are detailed right down to instructing employees organization maintains close control over every aspect of operation. The management is responsible for transmitting pricing and product codes to the IBM as soon as the satellite link is established. The management trains the employees working as store manager and cashier jobs.

Question 3:
How well do information systems support Dollar General Business strategy? Explain your answer.
The information system of dollar general supports the business strategy in such a way that it helps in...
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