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Individual Assignment:

For the ethics session of MIS U301 as posted in the course schedule, chose a particular perspective from the five team options below. Create a table of brief statements to clarify and support your particular position as a stakeholder in the KoolGames.com controversy and bring this to class as your homework assignment. For this assignment, first identify the key arguing points/issues that are relevant to the discussion and then consider how each point may be viewed as an argument from either side of the table (i.e. from the K-G and H-D POV). During the actual class session, we will organize as teams to work through the case study. You may find yourself on a team other than that which you chose for the individual exercise but you will have prepared yourself to advocate for a position and in that sense are now ready to adopt another position within the case as required and argue both sides of that point of view.

You should structure your individual response as follows:

|Issue/Arguing Point |Pro’s |Con’s | |All three products are the intellectual |They spent the most time developing them. |They were bought out by Almost-Angel | |property of KoolGames and were stolen | |investments. | | |They registered them | | | | |HotDamn.China might not have known about it. | | |Patent application pending | | | |...
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