Mis - Case Study

Topics: Accounts receivable, Balance sheet, Accounts payable Pages: 15 (3256 words) Published: February 4, 2008
Major Report

Subject – Management Information Systems

Individual Assignment



MBA Programme – Preston University USA


As per the request made by the organization where the study was carried out, its true identity will not be disclosed. Therefore the same would be refered as "ABC Company" in this report.


This report is based on the result of the preliminary Gap analysis and the feasibility study. The management and other staff (End users) of ABC Company were consulted during the gap analysis.

The preliminary study was focused on the fully integration of the financial modules and the distribution modules with the required document flow and reporting structure for ABC industries limited. Based on the preliminary study, suitable procedures, documents and enhanced integrated Management Application Systems (IMAS - fully integrated solution) options are recommended. The following IMAS modules are identified for implementation.

•Cross Application support module
•General Ledger
•Cash Book
•Accounts receivable
•Accounts Payable
•Order entry and Invoicing
•Inventory Control and purchase Order Management
•Advanced inventory Management
•Sales Analysis

This analysis reports introduces concepts of IMAS and proposes new or enhanced procedures for ABC industries Ltd.

Existing Operation and procedures at "ABC Company"

Presently the finance division uses two systems to manage the finance operations. The systems are;

a)Computer System (SAGE line)
b)Manual System

Ideally, all user requirements have to be handled by a fully integrated system. At present, the above systems are being used in parallel, therefore in many situations, the same functions are repeated. One of our main missions is to eliminate the redundancy to facilitate the very high level of quality and effective information.

In addition to the above mentioned duplications there are some sub modules which are integrated to the general ledger module; such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Invoicing and Inventory modules, which are also handled with duplicated functions since there is no integration.

In order to overcome the stated critical problems needs to review the existing procedures and operations & necessary changes should be implemented to the entire organization.

Proposed IMAS System key features and functions are as follows

oAccounts Payable

Accounts payable maintains those curial balances between strong suppliers (creditors) relationship and tight cash outflow management, this ensures that accounts are current and credit obligations are met, by paying on time but not earlier than necessary. Functions operates in close conjunction with many other core functions in an organization, enabling a more complete understanding of vender relationship, cash flow, goods receipts and invoice validation

oAccounts Receivable

Accounts receivable function must ensure the full and timely collection of payment from the customer base, thereby streamlining the sales-to-cash cycle.AR maintains this critical balance between strong customer relationships and tight cash management. This enables a more complete understanding of the sales-to-cash process, corporate cash flow and a complete customer profile.

oCash Book

Cash flow management in terms of "in flows" and "out flows" to identify the credit worthiness of customers and the liabilities to the vendors, cheque printing process, remittance and voucher printing, bank reconciliation process in order to identify the pending and unidentified items. Addition to above key functions petty cash management system will be added advantage which enhance and smother the routine work of an accountant.

oGeneral Ledger

Bottom – line reporting from the general ledger is the indicator of an organization's financial health. When decision makers have quick access to vital GL analysis, including how...
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