Mirror Mirror, on the Web

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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“Our preoccupation with fame is at least partly explained by our immersion in a media-saturated world that constantly tells us, as Braudy described it, “we should [be famous] if we possibly can, because it is the best, perhaps the only, way to be.””(Chaudhry 635) While a lot of people are fascinated by the self-expression and democracy facilitated by the new technology that is constantly being developed in society today in this new blogger democracy, Lakshmi Chaudhry published an article titled “Mirror, Mirror On the Web” to argue how the medias have rapidly evolved into tools for one to become famous. She is worried that self-expression has fallen effortlessly into self-promotion. The media culture made people; especially the young people’s appetite for being seen and getting renowned become stronger than ever before. Many individuals these days are writing in blogs and uploading videos just to catch the public’s attention. As a netizen, I recognize quite well and concur with Chaudhry’s argument and unease. To gain attention, some entertainers will frequently post about their personal lives and upload some fancy pictures; to cease the people’s attention. To fully make use of the web tools expressing themselves, some just put their abnormal and silly pictures or comments to get fame. There are oodles of notorious stars in the digital world. Of course, technology does not take any responsibility; it is the public’s interests that make the cyber world filled with these people’s narcissistic behaviors and words. As Chaudhry said, “If not Wealthy and Renowned, at least one will be "seen"—That’s something all of us can aspire to do in this new Cyber world we live in.”(Chaudhry 636) Though there is a greater amount of people than ever before being seen every day, their fame is temporary. The significance of fame is being reduced to being seen by the public. In the future, can these Digital Selves, Digital-fame and the Digital culture substitute the real ones? “This...
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