Mirror Image Reader Response

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Self-hatred can ruin your life if you let it control your thoughts and actions. This is one of the many themes in “Mirror Image” and I think it is the most important. Humans have a tendency to dislike themselves and only see their faults. The first sentence, “If only there were no mirrors” talks about how she doesn’t actually want to see how she looks and that life would be easier without seeing how you look all the time. Alice had a brain transplant and since she has a different body she has started to act differently. Her identical twin sister has noticed that she is not herself and she doesn’t like it. “Maybe I’ll start looking like, myself again. If I try hard enough” shows that looks are the only thing she is worried about right after her transplant. At one point she tells her sister that she likes her new body better so it makes her sister slightly insecure because they were identical and now her body wasn’t good enough for Alice. Alice is also so worried about how she looks that she doesn’t notice how much she has changed and how much her twin misses the old her. The key Idea is that looks distract us from more important things. People are to self centered and only focus on themselves and their looks. Most people become full of themselves and start acting like they are better than everyone else. Sometimes people would rather worry about themselves than try and help others and listen to what other people think. The author is extremely honest about how people can become vain and forget about everyone else. I absolutely agree about what the author says because I have seen situations like this in my own life. I think the author tried to warn people not to become so narcissistic.
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